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Ms. Garrett provides limited-scope counseling, coaching and general legal assistance in connection with consumer-related debt issues to include creditor lawsuits and related issues, wage garnishment, bank levies, debt settlement, and non-bankruptcy options to resolve consumer-debt issues. The majority of calls Ms. Garrett receives at her office are from individuals having no understanding of their legal rights or legal options. More times than not, the caller is lost and desperate for information, yet, not knowing where to turn or whom to trust.

Ms. Garrett assists her clients with understanding their legal rights and options in connection with their consumer problems. For instance, many consumers don’t know they have the legal right to ask collection agencies to stop calling (harassing) them at home or work. This is important to know because many consumers are motivated to immediately file bankruptcy resulting from creditor harassment! Fear should not be the primary or sole motivation for filing bankruptcy.

Consumer Law is a broad area of law—covering many areas of law relating to consumer issues. Ms. Garrett provides legal services to consumers in connection with the following consumer issues.

  • Credit-card and other consumer-related debt
  • Creditor harassment
  • Debt settlement
  • Non-bankruptcy options relating to debt issues
  • Debt/budget counseling
  • Creditor lawsuits (service of Summons and Complaint)
  • Understanding various ways creditors can attempt to collect on creditor judgments
  • Understanding legal ways to prevent creditors attempting to collect on judgments

Understanding debt (and bankruptcy) in connection with other areas of law, e.g., family law (divorce, child and spousal support), conservatorships, guardianships, and how debt/bankruptcy affects certain types of fiduciary-related jobs, e.g. trustee, conservator, guardian, etc.

Ms. Garrett does not provide litigation services in connection with any creditor issues outlined in this website; however, Ms. Garrett, at the client’s request, will provide coaching, to include providing important information, facts and law to the consumer in connection with these issues. For most individuals, lack of education and information in this area of law motivates consumers to make wrong decisions and engage in making poor choices, adversely affecting their legal interests.

Ms. Garrett takes pride in educating her clients, by helping them to empower themselves to directly handle and control their creditor issues. Many times, arming her client with basic tools and pointing them in the right direction is all that’s needed.

Services Available15-Minute Consultations

Ms. Garrett provides two types of 15-minute consultations—a free versionn and a paid version:

Free Version: In the free version, Ms. Garrett will provide you with the general principals of law regarding your particular legal issue; however, she cannot give you any legal advice or gather any particular information or facts about your situation or legal matter. For about 50% of the public, this is sufficient for their needs.

Paid Version: In the paid version, Ms. Garrett will gather specific information related to your particular legal issue and give you a general assessment of your case based on your particular set of facts. This option is preferred for people who want an initial assessment of their case and/or have a “quick question” to ask Ms. Garrett about their particular set of fact. This option is preferred when learning just the general principals of law is not enough. Also, if you believe 15 minutes is not enough, then Ms. Garret provides 30 minute consultations for a $50 fee. Also, if you later hire Ms. Garrett to represent you, she will give you a full credit of the $25 (or $50) fee towards future legal services. This discounted fee is offered on a one-time basis and is only applicable to prospective clients. Current or former clients are not eligible.

Initial Two-Hour Coaching (Phone or Skype) Session

Price: $600 (20% Discount of regular rate)

During the two-hour telephonic (or Skype) consultation, Ms. Garrett works with her client to examine the full scope of her client’s financial situation—examining all financial factors to include the following: 1) personal background and current status of the mortgage, taxes and insurance—as well as identifying not only all types of non-secure debts, such as credit-cards, child support, student loans, etc., but also examining all home loans, e.g. secured mortgage loans, equity home loans, home-equity lines of credit; 2) working with the client to identify all sources of income, identifying all types of assets, all types of debts and identifying the client’s monthly expenses.

Once Ms. Garrett has completed identifying and understanding all aspects of the client’s finances, she will then counsel her clients regarding the various options available to them, to include discussing the pros and cons of each option, to include, but not limited to bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options.

At the end of the consultation, the goal for Ms. Garrett is to have the client have a clear understanding of not only his or her options, but also the pros and cons of his/her options. At the conclusion of the consultation, the client will be in a position to make an informed decision regarding their options in connection with their financial situation.

This type of consultation does not include any other service that is not outlined in the “two hour consultation”. For instance, Ms. Garrett does not conduct forensic audits of loan documents, does not prepare any documents, does not make calls to third parties on behalf of the client or review any documents, does not include reviewing any bank statements or any other documents. The only document included in the two-hour consultation is review of a creditor’s initial legal paperwork, such as Summons and Complaint and attachments thereto.

Follow Up Coaching

Price: $187.50/per each HALF hour; or, $375/hour.

Sign up Here for 30 minute or sign up here for one-hour follow up coaching.

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