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Summary Dissolutions

Summary dissolution is the shortest and easiest way for a couple to get divorced in California. A couple must meet all eligibility requirements in order to qualify for a summary dissolution:


Briefly, a summary dissolution is possible for couples who:

  • Have no children together
  • Have been married five years or less
  • Don’t own very much
  • Don’t owe very much
  • Don't want spousal support from each other
  • Don’t have any disagreements about how their belongings or their debts are going to be divided up once they are no longer married to each other

By choosing the summary dissolution procedure, the parties give up certain legal rights that they would have if we had used the regular dissolution procedure.

How Can Ms. Garrett Help?

Ms. Garrett is available to provide coaching services in connection with filing your Summary Dissolution. Coaching services include, but are not limited to, identifying issues that can possibly prevent you from starting or completing the summary dissolution process, helping you to confirm if you are eligible for a summary dissolution; and finally, helping you to demystify the procedural process in connection with filing a summary dissolution.

Services include:

  • Two hour coaching session;
  • Purchasing RapidDoc form entitled “Summary Dissolution.” Click Here to Register and purchase.

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