Unbundled Legal Services

For individuals who cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent them, then the next best thing is unbundled legal services.

What are Unbundled Legal Services? Unbundled legal services, also known as limited-scope services, are legal services that are broken down and offered as individualized legal services, instead of “bundled” legal services—which usually refer back to full-scope or full legal representation. By an attorney offering unbundled legal services, he or she makes it possible (and financially practical) for an individual to receive vital legal assistance without going into financial despair.

Types of Unbundled Legal ServicesConsultations

A consultation is a conference between an individual and Ms. Garrett. The purpose of the consultation is to, amongst other things, discuss, analyze, diagnose the individuals legal situation. The minimum goal of a consultation is to assist the individual with making an informed decision regarding their next step in connection with their legal issue. Consultations also help the individual to determine their legal rights and options in connection with their situation and to assess what follow up, if any, is needed in connection with their situation.

Types of Consultations:
  • 15-Minute Consultation. Purpose: to determine if further counseling or coaching is needed.

  • Two-Hour Consultation. Purpose: To undertake complete analysis of the individuals situation—to determine if further follow-up and/or legal coaching is needed.
Legal and Court Coaching

Coaching sessions are available after an initial consultation has been provided by Ms. Garrett to the individual. Coaching sessions are more intensive than general consultations.. Coaching sessions vary depending on the type of legal situation and services requested by the individual. Click Services to determine what types of coaching services Ms. Garrett provides.

Document Review

Ms. Garrett can assist individuals, by reviewing their legal documents and documents prepared by third parties. Ms. Garrett will be able to carefully explain the legal terms and legal significance of the documents in order to assist the individual with making an informed decision regarding their legal situation and/or to assist the individual with ascertaining if follow up is needed.

Document Preparation

For individuals needing preparation of legal documents, but who cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent them, RapidDocs® by DirectLaw® is the next best thing. Using a secure online portal, Ms. Garrett works with individuals in connection with preparing legal documents. Click Here to review a list of documents available for purchase.

How Does Document Preparation Work?
  • Review and click on a Document icon and then start completing a guided online questionnaire.
  • As you fill in the questionnaire you will see the document assembled in real time. This means you will be able to see what the document looks like as you are filling in the questionnaire.
  • When done completing the questionnaire, you will then save your answers, register to become a client, and then purchase your legal service.
  • After you submit your document through a secure and online portal, Ms. Garrett will review your document and revise it as necessary to ensure that it is correct
  • If necessary, Ms. Garrett will provide additional legal advice and instructions to ensure the document is accurate and acceptable for filing with the court. (Legal review and advice, if any, is limited to preparation of the document only.)
  • All communications between you and Ms. Garrett will be through a secure online portal.

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