COVID-19 Update: How We Are Serving and Protecting Our Clients

Is our office currently open during normal business hours?

Yes, our office is still open and will remain open to our clients and new clients, however, my assistant and I are working remotely. The business hours remain the same and are in effect from Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What do I do if I want to deliver documents to your office?

If possible, mail them to our mailing address at 2401 Waterman Blvd., Ste. 4-182, Fairfield, CA 94534. You can also do the following: 1) scan and email them; 2) upload them to Google docs; 3) upload them to DropBox.

When and how can I contact you?

New prospective clients can reach us by phone to schedule telephonic consultations at (707) 430-0091 and our current clients can reach us by phone or email as we are eliminating all in-person meetings at this time.

What video chat platforms do you offer your clients?

Subject to prior approval from Ms. Garrett, we offer Zoom video-chat services to current clients and prospective clients. Zoom requires each user to set up a free user account.

Is your office accepting new clients?

Yes, we are still open to new clients seeking legal representation; however, we are only offering telephonic consultations to keep everyone safe.

Is your office providing any special legal services during this period?

Yes, Ms. Garrett is offering one-time paid coaching services by phone to individuals who want immediately answers due to Covid-19. Anyone with a California family-law issue or question can call our office to schedule a one-time 30 minute or one-hour paid coaching session. For instance, we are receiving many calls from people who want to know how the "stay in place" quarantine affects visitation issues and/or how reduced or loss of income due to Covid-19 affects child support issues. These are some of the many types of calls Ms. Garrett is receiving at this time. Ms. Garrett charges a one-time fixed charge for these types of one-time limited services.

How can I get updated regarding the status of my pending case or legal matter?

We automatically update current clients regarding their legal matter by phone or email. As most of my clients know, this is our standard practice. Always feel free to contact us and obtain a status update if you have not been contacted by one of our office.

Are the courts of law still open in my area?

The best way to know if your local courthouse is open is by going to their website. In Solano County, the family-courts are closed for several weeks, except for genuine emergencies. Also, the Solano courts strongly encourage litigants to appear by phone using Court Connect services since the end date of the "stay in place" order unknown at this time. Also, for up-to-date information about the court's closure and limited availability for various procedures such as court filings, emergency hearings, click here. By the time you read this Update, the information provided here may be outdated; therefore, check the court's website for updates. However, if you are a current client of ours, you can call our office for updates on your upcoming hearing date-if we haven't call you first. (If your case is in another county, go directly to your local court's website for updated information.)

Will my court date be rescheduled if it is scheduled during a period that the courts are closed?

Yes, automatically. If your Solano County case arises from an originating divorce case, your new court date will show up on the court's website at Solano County Court Connect. (At this time, cases related to unmarried couples, custody, visitation and/or child support, do not show up on the court's website.) For counties outside Solano, check your local county court's website for updates.

What if I can't come to court because I am sick or quarantined?

If you are a current client of ours, please call us to discuss so that we can make arrangements for you to appear by phone. If you are not a client of ours, and you can't come to court and your case is proceeding on a particular date in Solano County, then you can call the Clerk of the Court in the department you are required to appear at and work with them to make a telephonic appearance via Court Call. (If your case is in another county, go to your local court's website for further instructions.)


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