Family Law


Family law is one of the toughest areas of law. Not because the laws are complex, but rather, it hits at the heart and soul of the individual . . . his family, his home, his money. Juxtaposed against the legal issues (division of assets/debts, custody, visitation, support, etc.) are the emotions of all the parties involved—to include the wife, the husband and the children. Emotions run the gamut for each party (sometimes on a daily basis)--from shock, anxiety, denial and anger, to fear and depression.

With tensions mounting and pocket-books quickly draining from the legal process, the parties look to the court for their “day in court” to solve their legal woes. For most, a “day in court” is no more than a few minutes in front of an overworked and underpaid judge.

The following is designed to help you better understand and demystify the family-law process.

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