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Toll Free: (800) 273-6350
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One Harbor Center
Suisun City, California 94585

2401 Waterman Blvd
Suite 4-PMB#182
Fairfield, California 94534

Ms. Garrett takes pride and joy in being a wife, mother, attorney, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Ms. Garrett--The Attorney

Ms. Garrett is licensed to practice law in California. Her practice is limited to the jurisdiction of California and legal issues relating exclusively to California law.

Ms. Garrett was admitted to the California State Bar in 2001. Ms. Garrett’s initial focus in law after admission to the State Bar was geared toward family law matters such as divorce, custody, child and spousal support, property issues and adoptions. Ms. Garrett’s other focus areas in the early years also included guardianships, trusts, probate, conservatorships and litigation.

Ms. Garrett was also drawn towards consumer law due to her personal experience with family-law and her natural know-how regarding money issues. She felt that the unique insight she gained from the process of her own divorce, relearning how to live on less money post-divorce, and assisting countless family-law clients regarding financial issues would serve to help her future consumer-law and bankruptcy clients.

With the passage of time, Ms. Garrett saw a storm brewing over the horizon when her focus in divorce cases went less and less from dividing a couple’s assets to, instead, dividing a couple’s debts. The debts easily out-numbered the assets two to one. The storm brewing over the horizon was . . . financial disaster and devastation -- resulting from long-term out-of-control spending, failure to put money into savings, significant reductions in home values resulting from “The Great Recession”, and poorly funded retirement accounts – all spelling out a recipe for disaster. To Ms. Garrett’s surprise, the majority of her clients (about 90%) were not only unprepared for retirement, but also had nothing to fall back in the case of an emergency—no savings, very little in retirement accounts, little to no home equity – just to list a few of the problems.

With the emerging recession in 2006, more and more of Ms. Garrett’s clients were asking for Ms. Garrett’s assistance and advice regarding non-family law related issues, such as bankruptcy, creditor lawsuits, overwhelming debt, “underwater” homes and the like. To her dismay and frustration, Ms. Garrett could provide little comfort or answers during this period and minimal resources for her clients.

Before undertaking any research, Ms. Garrett believed, like many consumers, that the only alternative the majority of her clients had was bankruptcy – to deal with all looming financial problems.

So began in 2003, Ms. Garrett’s quest to find practical answers and solutions for her clients, as well as her family, friends and neighbors. Starting in 2003, Ms. Garrett decided to expand her legal practice to include consumer-related issues and bankruptcy. Ms. Garrett sought out to learn everything she could in the world of finance. In 2003, Ms. Garrett procured her insurance license – with primary focus on long-term investing. (She has since let her insurance license expire; instead, focusing her time and energy in new areas of finance.) Ms. Garrett is currently a candidate to become a Certified Financial Planner®. Ms. Garrett is hard-pressed to admit, like most folks, that she was financially illiterate back in 2003.

Having expansive experience in family law, and learning everything she could about consumer law and bankruptcy law, life insurance, loan modifications, foreclosures and creditor issues (to include harassment, creditor lawsuits and the like), Ms. Garrett found a much-needed niche’ for herself. She found a place where she could use her personal and legal experience, her natural financial know-how with money-issues and her love of law to make a difference in her clients’ lives.

Ms. Garrett’s goal today is to empower and educate her clients . . . with practical tools so that her clients can make informed decisions that affect their legal and financial well-being. Ms. Garrett has a passion in empowering and educating her clients. At times, Ms. Garrett has been known to give “tough love” to her clients because of her genuine regard and care for the well-being of her clients.

Ms. Garrett is proud to provide integrated law to her clients. Her personal background, legal experience and knowledge in many areas of law to include family law, probate, trusts, conservatorships, guardianships, mortgage-related issues, and creditor-related issues, are a plus for her clients. This broad spectrum of legal knowledge allows Ms. Garrett, as a legal doctor, the ability to properly identify her client’s current problems, and equally important, long-term goals in order to accurately diagnose and prescribe and put into action short- and long-term goals and solutions. Ms. Garrett takes pride in knowing she does not have to direct each client to bankruptcy court. She knows, as do many of her past clients do, that bankruptcy is one of many options available to her clients. Ms. Garrett seeks to be the calm in her client’s financial storm—providing frank, honest advice and assistance that is geared not only toward short-term relief, but long-term support .

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice All California state courts
Northern District of California
Eastern District of California
Professional & Bar Association Memberships

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA)

National Association of Consumer Advocates

American Association of Justice

American Bar Association (ABA)

Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF)

Solano County Bar Association

BASF Volunteer Legal Services Program (VLSP)

Other Legal Services

BASF Volunteer Legal Services Program (VLSP)

Areas of Legal Experience: Family Law (divorce, custody, support, same-sex marriages/partnerships, adoptions, modifications of custody, visitation and support)

Other Languages: Conversational Spanish

Ms. Garrett—the Individual

Ms. Garrett is married and lives in the Bay Area. Ms. Garrett is a mother to a wonderful and talented daughter and owner to several Yorkie Terriers. In her free time, Ms. Garrett loves spending time with her family. Special times include time gathered with the family for the now, “traditional” Sunday morning brunches (of her own making) and Sunday “Family Nights.”

Ms. Garrett’s personal interests include organic gardening and feeding her inner “Iron Chef”—creating and concocting new recipes for her family. Recent family favorites include pumpkin pancakes, “Hamburger surprise”, “Sweet Potatoe Somethin’ Somethin’” and homemade bagels! When not reading law books and journals, Ms. Garrett can be found reading her various cookbooks and magazines. Next challenge, homemade croissants!

Ms. Garrett—The Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Ms. Garrett took the financial risk of becoming a solo practitioner after working for a San Francisco law firm for ten years. Ms. Garrett believes true success and happiness comes from following one’s heart and doing things by the terms we set for ourselves—not by the terms set by others.

Since going solo, Ms. Garrett has taken the initiative to fund an internet-based venture designed to help local charities that promote and empower women to overcome poverty and domestic violence.

Ms. Garrett believes in finding ways to advance the rights of women and finding ways to help local and international charities. She promotes local and international charities that promote sustaining and empowering individuals and families to overcome poverty and domestic violence. Giving Back is one of Ms. Garrett’s ways of she pays it forward.

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